style / the coat

Monday, 22 September 2014

h&m coat and bag.

The story has a familiar beginning, a quick wander into H&M and as usual the ending seems the same. Before I knew it I was standing at the till thinking, '£24.99, for a coat?!' It's usually sometime in December, dressed head to toe in flimsy material and wearing the same leather jacket on repeat, I find myself questioning when the right (reasonably priced) coat for me is going to find its way into my life. My immune system can rejoice in the fact that this beauty has found its way into my life in September meaning winter colds and Northern rain can step aside.

In response to something I get asked quite a bit on Tumblr I'm introducing a new basics tag to my blog. The basics tag will track all blog posts that feature items that I believe together create a cohesive capsule wardrobe. Through introducing my favourite pieces, wardrobe essentials and giving my thoughts on my favourite high-street brands for design, fit and quality I'm hoping my basics series will provide an edited directory of affordable and realistic style. If you've got any requests, ideas or suggestions for the series I'd love to hear what you have to say over on my Tumblr ask page.

style / shearling touches

Sunday, 14 September 2014

primark coat, topshop camisole, h&m culottes, primark necklace, ante memoria clutch*.

I am a recovering bleach addict. After a turbulent love affair with peroxide I finally decided to bite the bullet and tone down my very damaged and much abused hair. Granted there are times when I lust for pure white but I've come to value my sanity and I've decided my days of damaged, snapped hair and resembling a young Rod Stewart are over. It's been nice knowing you volume 40.

I digress, on to the clothes. When the lovely Jessica of Ante Memoria contacted me about the impending launch of her very own ready to wear clothing and accessories brand I was eager to get on board. Having followed Jessica and subsequently admiring her style for a while I was certain I'd love Ante Memoria and I was not wrong. After a browse through the products I fell in love with this shearling offering which has proven itself as a versatile piece for generally cheering up any drab outfit whilst being the perfect size to store my iPad, laptop and a magazine or two. It's safe to say I'm looking forward to seeing what's next for an exciting new brand like Ante Memoria however I feel like whatever that may be will be a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

You can visit Ante Memoria here or alternatively follow them on Twitter here.

style / fashion union preview

Sunday, 7 September 2014

fashion union jumper and jeans*.

Ripping jeans is somewhat of a cathartic experience, don't you think? There's something about the sound of ripping denim that transports me back to my early teenage years where (rather foolishly) ripping most of my favourite pairs of jeans was a sort of anarchistic ritual in rebellion against the confines of a drab maroon polyester school uniform that drowned my body five days a week. Obviously the other two days I was free to express all of my bad fashion choices by adopting fishnet as a preferred fabric of choice and wearing ribbons in my hair.

Onto the good stuff. I was asked by the lovely people at Fashion Union if I wanted to preview a piece from their latest Autumn drop and when I saw this bell sleeved jumper it was calling all kinds of promises for layering opportunities. With summer in the North East lasting all of two weeks I decided to get a head start on Autumn by welcoming a new knit into my wardrobe. Oversized and versatile is a recipe for romance for knits as far as I'm concerned and this jumper is serving all kinds of 'Isabel-Marant-but-not-quite' vibes. Yeah, I'm ready for Autumn.

style / adidas adilette sliders

Thursday, 4 September 2014

adidas adilette sliders via depop.

What is there to say about the Adidas slider that hasn't been said? Functional, comfortable and sort of ugly. It is nice to be kind to your feet so why not? When my size came up via depop I purchased immediately and not one inch of me regrets that decision. A little tip though, the Adilette tends to run on the smaller size so don't be afraid to size up. With any luck I'm less Amanda Bynes and more Mary Kate but we can't say for sure.

style / jogging

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

h&m shirt, h&m trousers, adidas superstars ii, michael kors watch, cases we love case*, zara bag.

Imagine a world where you can still wear jogging bottoms, an oversized shirt and trainers and still look presentable. That world is beautiful. This is probably the most comfortable outfit I own. I saw the faux leather joggers in H&M some time last week and was automatically drawn to them after the promise of a comfortable trouser that was not a pair of Topshop Joni jeans. On another note, I have a few ideas of blog posts that I'm looking forward to that aren't the usual iPhone picture. Hopefully I'll find the time somewhere! Thanks for welcoming me back to blogging.