style diary by charlotte martin.
Jacket: c/o Fashion Union. Top: c/o Stone Fox. Trousers: c/o Missguided.
 Sort of Marianne but not quite Faithful.
Jacket: Primark. Top: Primark. Trousers: Topshop via eBay. Shoes: New Balance 574.
Shoes: Topshop.
Trousers: H&M. Shoes: Primark.
Jacket: Primark. Top: Primark. Jeans: Topshop. Shoes: New Balance 410. Bag: c/o Come Get Fashion.
Jacket: Primark.  Jeans: Topshop. Top: Primark. Shoes: Primark. Bag: Come Get Fashion.
Lazy dressing 101, very guilty.
Jacket: Primark. Top: Primark. Jeans: c/o Fashion Union. Shoes: Topshop.
Jacket: Missguided. T-Shirt: Primark. Jeans: c/o Fashion Union. Shoes: Primark. Sunglasses: H&M (old).
Two Piece: Charlotte Martin x Twoosie.  Jacket: Primark.  Bag: Primark.
A very exciting post today. A while ago the lovely Shope, one half of London’s Closet contacted me and asked me if I’d be interested in collaborating with her in her new venture, Twoosie. Two other bloggers and I were given the opportunity to create our very own custom Twoosie that we felt epitomised our personal style. Lightweight and functional, I chose a modern silhouette complete with running shorts in a white leather finish. I couldn’t be happier with the result and I’m looking forward to discovering the different ways I can incorporate the Twoosie into my wardrobe. The Twoosie website goes live this Friday at 6pm where you’ll be able to shop the collection and discover more about the collaboration. 
Jacket: H&M. T-Shirt: Primark. Jeans: Topshop. Necklace: H&M.
If you squint hard enough I’m wearing the Acne Velocite.