details / the two daniels

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

daniel wellington watch*, daniel footwear shoes*, monki trousers, rimmel soul session nail varnish.

It's time to welcome two timeless (pardon the pun) pieces to my wardrobe. Step forward Daniel Footwear and Daniel Wellington, my two new favourite men that my boyfriend needn't worry about. After the ladies counterpart served a hefty three year sentence on my wrist this menswear piece provides a sturdy alternative without swamping the wrist. I have a sneaky suspicion you may be seeing a lot of these two pieces in the future.

The team at Daniel Wellington have been kind enough to offer 15% off their full collection when you use the code 'iamcharlottemartin' at checkout up until November 30th.

style / introducing white dirt

Sunday, 16 November 2014

h&m jacket (similar), monki shirt, house of sunny trousers via white dirt*, adidas stan smiths, daniel wellington watch*.

Not long ago I was happy to be contacted by new Essex based brand, White Dirt. A fresh take on mixing minimal style and bold pieces White Dirt aim to offer 'approachable, affordable and admirable apparel, without the ego trip'. Perfect. Housing a curated blend of upcoming and established brands including House of Sunny, Cheap Monday and Illustrated People, White Dirt is definitely one to watch. You can visit White Dirt in-store at their Colchester boutique, online here or alternatively, see what they're up over on Twitter and Instagram.

style / a guide to fuss free layering

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

h&m shirt (similar), h&m culottes (similar), les chat perches jumper*, fred perry jacket, h&m scarf (similar), zara boots.

You know, I can't tell when Summer was supposed to happen. Was it over those two mild days somewhere between July and August where I felt I could take my jacket off for half an hour before deciding carrying it is definitely more annoying than just wearing it? Then suddenly, here comes the plethora of emotional Christmas adverts selling fridge freezers and an influx of frozen fingers. It's winter and I need to layer. Alas, layering is not a Pinterest ideal of beanie hats, printed scarves and fine knit cardigans. Layering is a necessity, especially for those who are blessed enough to hail from the North of England or those not blessed enough to acquire adequate blood circulation. Here are a few things I have learned about layering and making stripping off a whole lot less attractive.

01. Base Layers
Keep your base layers lightweight. I usually try to keep my base layers as loose and light as possible, adding thicker layers as I go. Perhaps most importantly, this ensures that the finished look doesn't appear 'bulky' or seem uncomfortable. Like most of my wardrobe I prefer to find base layer pieces, like this chambray shirt, at H&M.

02. Colour Palette
For me this translates easily into 'break up black'. Longer shirts teamed under shorter body knits like this turtleneck from Les Chat Perches provide good grounds to add some detail to the outfit. Whilst for some this may include incorporating print or colour, I stick to what I know with simple, muted tones.

03. Play With Shapes
My boyfriend should have known when he left this Fred Perry bomber in my possession it would be henceforth claimed mine forever more. If you're looking to play with shapes and silhouettes don't be shy of entering the menswear department every now and again. It's easy to team an exaggerated oversized fit with a simple pair of jeans from day-to-day but if you're feeling particularly repellent, release the wide leg culottes and embrace ankle liberation.

04. Mix Textures
Perhaps my favourite texture contest as evidenced here include big chunky knits and a more refined, loose trouser. It's this contrast of hard vs soft that works particularly well when layering. Pairing tougher materials including leather and denim against accents of delicate fabrics including silk or lace adds depth to an outfit without being brash.

05. Adding Accessories
Okay, maybe I'm ignoring the elephant in the room here which is this giant fucking scarf from H&M. A little out of character for me but I've wanted something similar since I first lay my very tired eyes on the Prada Spring/Summer 2011 offering (remember?). Some things are completely unexplainable and my admiration for this sort of gross skunk like piece is just that. Regardless, if you're not into looking like roadkill (why not?) you can always opt for blanket style scarves.

details / zara pointed boot

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

zara boots.

Who knew that a shoe could evoke such feelings of lust? Well, me apparently. If there was ever a time to run screaming to the checkout that time would be now. I've made a conscious decision to invest in items and these black pointed boots couldn't have came at a better time. You can find them here.

style / 3 ways to wear pinstripe

Sunday, 2 November 2014

look 01 / lola-may blazer and trousers*, paul hewitt watch*, adidas stan smith trainers.
look 02 / lola-may trousers*, zara boots (similar) and jumper (similar), paul hewitt watch*.
look 03 / lola-may blazer*, missguided jumper*, monki trousers, primark heels (similar), paul hewitt watch*.

What springs to mind when you think of pinstripe? Whilst for most people the completely normal response would be along the lines of 'business wear' or 'office only' what do I think of? At the risk of sounding obnoxiously pretentious, Stella McCartney Autumn/Winter 2013. It came, it conquered and it left a cleated sole shaped stamp on the high-street for what seems like forever. Alas, my yearning for pinstripe went unfulfilled and was archived in the back of my brain alongside what other shit I looked at on the Internet all day. Today, however, is a time where I possess the perfect tailored yet not at all rigid pinstripe set thanks to the lovely team at Lola May. Here are three ways to style pinstripe without vaguely looking like you've been floating shares on the stock market all day.

01. All Together
A suit and some trainers, the commuters dream. It's a rare occasion recently that these Adidas Stan Smiths have been seen off my feet but I knew they'd be the perfect pairing for putting pinstripe together. Adding a pair of crisp white trainers against more traditional tailored menswear pieces adds both contrast and comfort to an outfit whilst avoiding any negative initial pinstripe preconceptions. Anything Pheobe Philo would do, I have time for too.

02. Dressed Down
If you're not ready to wholly embrace the pinstripe into your wardrobe then trousers are the easiest place to start. It's extremely easy to get stuck in a 'jean rut' so swap denim for a tailored trouser from time to time to change it up. A print on the bottom means not much more work is required on the top which so this surprisingly versatile piece is good to go with block coloured big knits or slouchy shirts.

03. Dressed Up
High neck knits and loose trousers call for a tailored finish from this pinstripe blazer. This is a relatively easy 'day-to-night' piece that translates well in most wardrobes. Keep it simple by adding a pair of heeled pointed toes to refine a loose silhouette and add jewellery where necessary.