Teenager | by Bentrova

Teenager | by Bentrova

Faux The Love of Fur

Sunday, 11 January 2015

missguided faux fur coat and leather jacket, h&m scarf, thpshop ear cuffs*.

I've always had a soft spot for faux fur. There's something endearing yet apologetically outrageous about lashings of dyed synthetic fibres that skirt the boundaries of bad taste. Let's face it, is there a better way to sweat? Whilst I rely on perhaps more muted and generally less offensive pieces for day-to-day wear, when it comes to 'dressing up' there's no other man-made fibre that I prefer. If you're faux fur clad and not feeling like Mariah Carey regardless of whether you're perusing the frozen food aisle of Tesco or not, you're probably doing it wrong. Here are 5 items that prove why 2015 is the best year for faux fur so far...

1. The Coat
My hair may unintentionally channel 70's Rod Stewart (rather than Britt Ekland) vibes on a day to day basis however, it's not often that influence translates through into my sartorial choices. I picked up this jacket quicker than you could say, 'is that really only £12?' and haven't looked back since. Mounds of multi-coloured patchwork faux fur may seem like a daunting task at first but opting to style over simple foundations is a relatively easy and fuss-free way of kidding people that you've got your life together before 10am.

2. The Scarf
Whilst it may moult over myself and whoever else is in a 5 metre radius, this faux fur scarf is my favourite way of concealing perhaps a less exciting outfit. After first appearing back in 2010/2011, the original Prada offering plastered both Anna Dello Russo and street style blogs for what seemed like forever. Well, I'm still not bored and for the best high-street alternatives, head to ASOS.

3. The Clutch
Sticky cocktails, an inebriated friend and a faux fur clutch bag may seem like a recipe for disaster but I'm willing to bypass practicality for an accessory void of functionality. Choose this little ASOS creature to accompany your travels by tucking it under your arm for everyday wear or opt for a darker alternative to avoid any obvious and let's face it, inevitable spillages.

4. The Sandals
Footwear offensive enough to lead The Daily Mail to respond, 'Are these the world's ugliest shoes?' had me exclaiming less of 'What was Phoebe Philo thinking!' and more of 'I must have them'. As an ambassador and equal rights ambassador for ugly shoes around the world it was no surprise the Birkenstock style sandal featured on heavy rotation in the season known outside of the UK as 'Summer' and after the first appearance of those Celine fur covered sandals, I've been waiting for the high-street to respond. Step forward, Topshop and Monki.

5. The Details
For those with commitment issues, working with details is the easiest way of adapting faux fur around your wardrobe. What a wonderful world we live in where our iPhone cases can be a not so subtle blend of orange, blue and pink fuzz. My favourite pick? These completely unnecessary yet covet worthy bag charms because no bag should ever be naked.

The Haute Pursuit

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

h&m knit, sole affair boots*, the haute pursuit shop ear and wrist cuffs*.

You're probably already familiar with Vanessa Hong. Blogging about 'personal style, life and everything in between', Vanessa has made a name for herself blogging under 'The Haute Pursuit' and is recognised by style enthusiasts alike for her clean yet tough aesthetic and exceptional photography. As an avid admirer of Vanessa's often minimal approach to style, I was delighted when ideas for a The Haute Pursuit Shop first came into fruition. Described as 'an online retail space dedicated to unique, trend driven apparel and accessories', THPSHOP forms a small yet cohesive collection boasting highly-covetable pieces in limited quantities on a monthly basis.

At the helm of THPSHOP as creative director, it should come as no surprise that the items within the collection offer a true reflection of Vanessa's personal style. Whilst these 'Bound Cuffs' may not be the easiest to slide on and off in a hurry, their almost mechanical nature provides the perfect contrast to layering over soft knits and feminine fabrics. An extremely durable and versatile piece, I'm looking forward to pairing these simply with ear cuffs, bare skin and clean lines for a stripped down aesthetic. Want to know more about THPSHOP? Click here for a closer look.

the new neutrals

Sunday, 14 December 2014

h&m jacket (similar), monki jumper, lavish alice trousers*, filling pieces trainers*.

Just a quick one today featuring a colour palette which has been clogging up my Tumblr feed recently.

wearable party wear

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

rare london jumpsuit*, missguided leather jacket (similar), adidas superstars ii.

It may come as no surprise that my first instinct when picking out this strapless jumpsuit was to dress it down. There's something charming about a party ready piece paired with scruffy trainers and ankle socks, right? Christmas and New Years may be approaching, and fast, but during the party season especially it's important to pick pieces that won't quickly become resigned to the depths of your wardrobe as you question, 'will I ever wear this?' As a casual convert on the never ending edit of a 'wearable wardrobe', making party wear functional is a challenge that I accept. Here are a few tips I've discovered along the way...

01. Find Your Feet
A change of footwear is key when it comes to dressing down party wear. Where I may choose to opt for trainers, a brogue or loafer has the same effect and can be worn alone or with a simple ankle sock.

02. Character Building
Whilst you may prefer the term 'well loved' worn in pieces work well whilst avoiding an 'overdressed' look. This Missguided jacket is my go to cover up and has almost merged itself into a second skin over time (which I'm sure you'd know if you follow me over on Instagram).

03. Base Layers
Layering lightweight items can add a new dimension to an outfit whilst shielding you from a chill or two. Layer turtleneck jerseys underneath sleeveless items like this Rare London Jumpsuit* or contrast textures by adding thicker knits on top.

winter whites

Sunday, 7 December 2014

h&m coat, h&m jumper, missguided trousers*, golden lane bag*, adidas superstar ii.

During my 2 years at college studying fashion, admittedly, I spent a lot of (read: considerably too much) time flicking through glossy magazines whilst scoffing over the occasional drab 'style rules' and uninspiring 'do's and don'ts' of everyday style. It was out of boredom I read them and out of exasperation I questioned whether anybody actually paid attention to them. Amidst some painful advice regarding horizontal stripes and some tips on how to co-ordinate accessories I came face-to-face with a warning for our American friends that, under no circumstance, must one ever 'wear white after labour day'. The concept that a colour had an annual 'best before date' perplexed me as did the thought of some poor sod somewhere concerned whether it was appropriate to wear an 'eggshell' shade blouse for fear of being shunned from society forever more. Well, no thank you. You're right, it may not be the most practical of colours but it's nothing that a 30° wash can't get out.