W E A R I N G / Blue Monday

Shirt: Primark. Top: H&M. Trousers: Topshop (old).
Bag: Primark (old). Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington.
Sandals: c/o Pretty Little Thing. Necklace: H&M.

Just a quick and simple one today after picking this oversized sheer shirt in Primark which I thought I would share. My wardrobe is certainly not just the 'What's New' section of every online shop and I only really tend to buy things if I think they are going to have a certain longevity. That's why old items like this Primark bag (5 years?) and these Topshop leather trousers (3 years?) are usually thrown in the mix with newer items. I didn't even realise these Topshop trousers had the opportunity for ankle cleavage Adidas poppers style. Anyway, here's an oversized shirt I found in Primark earlier last week which came in both black and white (perfect). This is a Size 14 for throwing on over outfits or wearing alone as a dress. Many thanks to Pretty Little Thing for sending these flatform sandals my way, seen many a hiked up price on very similar styles and this one hits the spot.


W E A R I N G / Rest My Chemistry

Shirt: H&M. Trousers: Tesco. Coat: Primark.
Shoes: H&M. Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington.

One of the positives splitting my wardrobe between Newcastle and Nottingham is that I rediscover certain items when I'm home. I think this shirt must be at least four years old and I've got to admit I still like it despite its ability to make me feel like an 80's yuppie on board of a yacht. If I remember correctly I picked this coat up around two years ago when it was discounted to something ridiculous which I want to say was perhaps £10? Camel was always one of those colours I admired but felt washed me out against my white blonde hair but as that is no longer, I'm willing to embrace it. Is the coat and sandal combination a little warped? I'm not sure but I've never been one for weather appropriate dressing.


W E A R I N G / Shuffle A Dream

Jacket: Missguided. Jumpsuit: c/o Pretty Little Thing. Shirt: c/o Choies.
Boots: c/o La Moda. Necklace: H&M. Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington.

An ode to jumpsuits. Ye of all occasions. Dressed up. Dressed down. Worn with sandals. Worn with heels. Comfortable yet put together. The more adventurous, older sister of the dress. What more can I say about thee? Well, this one in question is from Pretty Little Thing and although the detail might not be clear is a chiffon style material with sheer legs. I've rolled up the legs a few times partly due to being a professional short arse and partly because I like it. Thrown my trusty Missguided leather jacket over the top because I couldn't help myself.


B E A U T Y / Leaving The Platinum Side

Top: Missguided. Neckalce: H&M.

It's just over a month since I decided to leave the platinum side and say goodbye to white hair. Without a doubt my most frequently asked questions concern my hair. I've previously posted about pretty much every aspect about my hair colouring, maintenance and styling routine here but after a change in colour and a few tweaks here and there I thought I'd provide an update. I'm by no means an expert in hair and I'm sure those of you who are probably wincing but this is just my own personal experience for you to act upon if you wish.

Saying Bye to Bleach

There's no two ways about it, bleach ruins your hair. I've always been honest when asked about my hair condition, it's not great. I had white hair for about four years so as you can imagine, that's a lot of bleach. Don't get me wrong, I loved having white hair but it was definitely time for a change. Longer hair and a less high maintenance colour was the dream and thus the decision to darken my shade was made.

Colour Process

Bleaching strips the pigment out of your hair. Having no tone in your hair means it's difficult when trying to alter your colour (especially at home). If you're already bleaching your hair you're probably aware of the different 'levels' your hair 'lifts' whilst bleaching. Science was never my forte but this chart visualises it pretty well. After reading up on some horror stories involving previously bleached hair turning grey or even green I decided to take note of the number of the colour on the box rather on my previous method of a very technical combination of liking the photo and guessing. Unnatural to a platinum blonde obsessed with banishing brassiness I made sure I was to avoid any colour containing 'ash' and instead opted for colours described as either 'honey' or 'golden'. Referring back to the hair chart I decided on a shade '8.3' named 'Cannes Soft Golden Blonde' by L'Oreal Recital Preference. I also made sure to pick up the Superdrug Effects Honey Blonde Toner to further tone my hair afterwards.


It's important to remember that with bleached hair your newly coloured hair will probably fade quicker than usual. Four weeks after initially dying my hair I can notice that my hair has lightened but nothing too considerable. Although my hair is less work where maintaining colour is concerned I've definitely stepped up my haircare routine in terms of trying to preserve its condition. Every other night I usually coat my hair in L'Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil and apply an intense hair conditioning mask for coloured hair before rinsing out in the morning. I only apply heat to my hair when blow drying and I always make sure to use a hair protectant spray.


W E A R I N G / Bizarre Love Triangle

Jacket: Primark. Top: Missguided. Shorts: c/o Motel.
Rings: H&M. Belt: Primark.

I couldn't believe my luck when I first saw this jacket sitting pretty in Primark. I'd been lusting over a leather jacket for a while and although this isn't particularly the fit I was after it sure does the trick for £25. Pairing this look with pool sliders when the weather gets warmer but a black boot will do for now.